Our firm handles expert residential valuation work in the Charlottesville area and all across the Commonwealth. We do mansions, large acreage estates, conservation easement related work.  Essentially, we are often referred to value or review complex assignments that many normal residential appraisers will not or cannot do. Most residential firms and even many commercial firms are geared towards servicing lending use reports.  These reports are fundamentally different than reports used in litigation.   

We do a fair amount of litigation support that includes:

·         Divorce

·         Estate Planning

·         Partition Cases

·         Partial Interest

·         Life Estates  

·         Construction Defect Issues.

·         Trial Preparation

·         Forensic Review Services.

·         Eminent Domain

Woody Fincham also teaches for the Appraisal Institute.  This is mentioned as experienced instructors often make good expert witnesses.  They possess experience with answering difficult questions and assisting others that have various learning styles to understand complex topics.  This is very similar to dealing with complex questioning on a cross examination or in a deposition setting.